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Keva Industries, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company is positioned as one of the most trusted brand name & a conglomerate in Healthcare sector in India with a dominant network footprint in more than 60 countries contouring as one of the world’s largest Natural Healthcare company ever since its inception backed by a strong track record of innovation.


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If you are looking for a life time good business opportunity then Keva Industries is the perfect platform for you. With millions of people just like you who have the same goals in life—better health and financial freedom, Keva is successful because it values success what you value……….
  • 26th October 2015, Monday - Keva Industries recently revealed Keva Curcumin
  • 5th October 2015, Monday - Keva Industries Launches Dish Wash Liquid
  • Thursday, 24th September 2015 - Keva Industries Recently Launched Keva Slimming Oil
  • 19th Sep 2015, Saturday - Cherished launch of new product in Keva Food Product category – Keva Premium Tea
  • 17th September 2015, Tuesday - Keva Industries Announces the Launch of Keva Double Stem Cell Powder
  • Monday, 7th September 2015 - Keva Industries Launched Light Body Massage Oil & Thanda Cool Oil with soothing effects
  • 31st August 2015, Monday - Keva Industries has come up with Bio Energy Card for overall wellness
  • 25th August 2015, Tuesday - Launch of Keva Bio Magnetic Bracelet
  • Thursday, 20th August 2015 - Keva Skin, Nail & Hair Care – Much awaited product in Herbal Category now in stock
  • 2nd August, 2015 - Keva Industries unveils Chewables for Kids
  • 25th June 2015, Thursday - Keva Industries become first Direct Selling company offering consumer safety by Product Liability Insurance coverage of Rs. 15 Crore