FAQ On Keva Business Plan

Ans:A person must be sponsored into the Keva business by an active Keva Business Entrepreneur. The sponsoring Business Owner is responsible for teaching the new Business Owner about the Keva business
Ans: No. In fact, Keva wonderful products will be given as per your joining
Ans: No. Keva Business Owners are independent contractors and not employees of the company.
Ans: Keva offers wonderful & very effective healthcare dietary supplements in terms of juice & mineral based liquid.
Ans:Keva products can be given by Keva distributors only. For more you can view our website www.Kevaind.org.
Ans:Absolutely not. It is life time association with Keva and no further renewal is required.
Ans:To become a Keva Business Owner, an individual must sign an agreement to abide by Keva's Rules of Conduct.

Our Rules promote ethical direct selling principles and provide practical procedures for all Business Owners to observe in operating their Keva businesses. The Rules of Conduct, which are largely in accordance with local, legal requirements, mandate certain business practices to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations and to preserve harmony among Business Owners. Keva has the right to enforce these Rules through its contract with its Business Owners—up to and including terminating that contract.
Ans:Keva Business owner can completely enjoy life with total freedom & joy. Like any small business, it takes smart work to succeed in the Keva business, and that requires little time and commitment, especially in the beginning. Our research shows that most people understand this very well.

But the Keva business does offer litheness for our Business Owners in running their business. Unlike most 9 to 5 jobs, Keva Business Owners can work at home, when they want, at their own pace, on their own schedule, according to the goals they have set for themselves. For some, that means if they need an afternoon to attend their Children School function, play golf or see a friend, they can arrange their work schedule to allow this. The choice of when, where and how much time to spend to their Keva business is their alone.
This flexibility is one important reason why the opportunity appeals to so many people around the world.
Ans: Our products are price-competitive and good value for the money.
Many Keva products are highly concentrated, meaning a single purchase lasts longer. On a cost-per-use basis, these products are priced very competitively. The consumer is the ultimate judge of price and value, and our sales success over the years speaks volumes about our product value and customer satisfaction.
Ans: You can’t make money in the Keva business unless Keva products are sold. You can also refer a person to buy keva products which gives you better source of income in this business.
Ans: Keva products are imported from Europe, USA, and Japan like countries & Keva products are rated very favorably for performance in various tests in terms of their efficacy & results. Keva has got exclusive rights to sell world famous TMR (Trace Mineral Research) branded product. We have also our own extensive R&D facilities with multi credentialed scientific board.
Ans: The Keva business opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, or political or other personal beliefs. The Keva business appeals to housewife, retired person, and college going students, fresh graduates, men, women, couples, and families from all backgrounds. Keva will also continue to explore new opportunities for growth in India, including innovative products and new ways for people to become involved with Keva—as Business Owners, Keva stock points or consumers.
Ans: There are number of points. Like in Keva there is a weekly capping of upto Rs. 50000/- which is upto 2 lac per month. Numbers of rewards & incentives have been offered to Keva distributors. There is repurchase income structure available in this business and lifelong distributorship is available in this business, which means once you registered with Keva there is no need to get this renewed again and again every year.
Ans: You will get your payout within seven days of very next day of weekly closing (Tuesday), if the bank details are updates in proper way.
Ans: Brochure, Banners, DVDs, Business Cards seminars, motivational meetings, LDP, business development programmes.
Ans: You will get proper reply from our Customer support department within 24 hours. You will get all the latest updates of Keva Offers, delivery of products, tracking details, presidential services.
Ans: Please go through this chart carefully:
Weeks/Level Down line Pair Weekly Income
1 2 1 500/-
2 4 2 1000/-
3 8 4 2000/-
4 16 8 4000/-
5 32 16 8000/-
6 64 32 16000/-
7 128 64 32000/-
8 256 128 64000/-
9 512 256 128000/-
10 1024 512 256000/-
11 2048 1024 512000/-
12 4096 2048 1024000/-
Approx. 2 Million
Ans: Regular Income structure, time flexibility, suitable working atmosphere, unobstructed marketing area, personality growth, unlimited business opportunity & excellent company support system are main benefits of being a keva distributor.
Ans: By doing Keva business, you are in charge of your own destiny; you can shape your career in your own way. Rather than doing jobs for making your boss rich, you can actually get maximum financial freedom by doing Keva business.
Ans: Growth and Recognition
Bonus, awards & recognition. It’s all part of the benefits you will experience with Keva. Keva will celebrate every step of your growth with the appropriate appreciation you deserve. You’ll qualify for amazing incentives. And be recognized publicly at events and seminars. It’s just our way to say thank you.