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Proven Beneficial Attributes Of Goji Berries

When the research was conducted for the first time to compare the nutritional constituents of Goji berries with respect to vitamins, minerals and amino acids, no one was expecting what they actually found out. They turned out to be perhaps the most nutritionally dense food on this planet.

It contains the highly useful antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals which are reactive molecules. It also contains amongst others phytochemicals. It provides flavonoids which is very rich in antioxidants. Other such compounds are quercetin, anthocyanadins and antocyanins. Flavonoids assist the body to adsorb and utilize other foods especially vitamin C.

The research by the Beijing nourishment Research Institute on Goji berries revealed a number of facts that were really astounding. They are very rich source of vitamins B1 and B6 which assistance the body to convert food into energy, Vitamin E which has never been found in any other fruit. They have more protein than whole wheat and over 18 amino acids including the 8 essential ones.

It has 21 trace minerals including zinc, iron, copper, selenium, calcium, germanium and phosphorus. It has beta-carotene more than what carrots have, about five hundred times more vitamin C than oranges (by weight) and essential fatty acids (generally not found in fruits) necessary for hormonal production and brain and nervous system functioning, and is perhaps the richest source of carotenoids which is a fat soluble pigment enabling the activity of vitamin A.

And whenever you think that is all, well you are here for a surprise. They are a rich source of polysaccharides which are immune-stimulating. Polysaccharides are actually very large long chained sugar molecules which nourish your macrophages (white blood cells) present in the intestines.

These macrophages get transferred to the repellent cells which actually build up the immune system for the body. It has been decidedly proven that polysaccharides activate your macrophages. Polysaccharides also increase B lymphocytes activity and immune system activity. As for antioxidant levels, ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Scale is used to measure the ability of antioxidants to absorb the free radicals. Anything over 3000 units is considered very well. Goji berry has 25,300 units.

Goji berries are very effective anti-aging agents. Locals in Tibet and Mongolia have long been using them as a very crucial part of their daily diet. Actually they celebrate for two weeks every year in the honour of them. There are many villages and provinces which shows long lives for locals due to daily consumption of the berries. The best thing is that they have no known side effects.

Goji berries have high percentage of minerals like iron. It has about 20 times more iron than grapes and 15 times more than spinach. It has 124 ppm of germanium and it is no surprise that they have long been used as tonic herbs and astringent herbs.

As for its other constituents, they also contain superoxide dismutase, phenylpropaniods, and high concentration of branched chain amino acid L-Ieucine. This amino acid is the key component of HMB or Beta-hydoxy-beta-methylbutyrate.

Phenylpropabiod actually helps your resistive system. It is the same with the polysaccharides which the berries contain. It strengthens the immune system of your torso. What is more it is also a rich source of Vitamin B and C. It is by far the richest source of carotenoids including beta carotene. And that is what makes it very effective antioxidant thus fortifying your immune system.

After a lot of chemical analysis and studies certain facts about the berries have been deduced. It has a very high concentration of L-Leucine (branched chain amino acid) one of the 18 amino acids that it contains, 21 trace minerals, thiamine, linoleic acid, riboflavin and betaine. It has more beta carotene than carrots. It has about 500 times morevitamin C than oranges (by weight). It is very rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and E. Regular consumption of them results in high stage of SOD in the blood by over 48%, hemoglobin by over 12% and lipid peroxide dropping through over 65%.

And about using Goji berries, well it is very versatile where its consumption is concerned. Eat them raw, or add them to cereal, porridge, casseroles, grains, baked goods, stews, trails and other snacks. Just consume about one to two handfuls of them and see the result for yourself. It would keep you fiddle fit for ever.

What is more, it has been use for at least over two thousand years and there is not a single side effect of daily consumption of them ever. It is not through fluke that it is also called the happy berry. It is believed to keep you smiling during the day. So, don't wait to get your handful.