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Why our Bodies Need Minerals to Function

It’s astounding to realise that our blood plasma (26 pints in a typical adult) has a composition very similar to seawater.

As famed environmentalist Rachel Carson said in her book THE SEA AROUND US “Fish, amphibian, bird and mammal -- each of us carries in our veins a salty stream, in which the elements are combined in almost the same proportions as seawater.”

Since the earliest life forms, from which we all descended, evolved in the sea could it be that seawater contains the secret to life itself?

After all, we certainly still carry this “ocean” of minerals around with us. So, just as they did for the first life forms, the components of seawater play a vital role in our lives. This confirms the mineral demands of our cells today are based on a blueprint three billion years old.

Unfortunately, scientists have never been able to recreate seawater from ‘first principles’ because of its shear complexity. We must go straight to the source to meet our bodies’ needs.

What’s So Special About Utah’s Great Salt Lake – The Source of MicroMins?

Utah’s Great Salt Lake is the oldest landlocked sea in the world. Minerals eroded from the surrounding mountains have been ‘pooling’ in it for literally billions of years. Consequently its waters are incredibly rich in minerals.
More importantly, the minerals in the Lake’s waters are in ‘ionic’ form, the smallest possible. They are so fine they are actually ‘in solution.’ These minerals also carry an electrical charge. Their minute size and this electrical charge makes them highly bio-available and incredibly easy for the human body to absorb and use.

Remarkably, they are also present in exactly the same ratios as in sea water. This is vital because our health depends on minerals being present in perfect unison to each other so their overall ‘parity’ is maintained.

Too much of a particular mineral can be just as harmful as too little. Each mineral acts on the others in a complex system of checks and balances. If the ratio of one mineral rises or falls in relation to the others, then their overall balance is disrupted and ill health results.

MICROMINS are the only ionic liquid mineral solution to contain the full spectrum of perfectly balanced minerals and trace minerals in an easy to absorb form. They are made naturally by evaporating the perfectly balanced mineral rich waters of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. You only need a few drops of this concentrated solution each day to recreate the perfect balance of minerals and trace minerals inside you that nature intended.

If you’re suffering from a mineral imbalance or deficiency MICROMINS could make an immediate improvement to your health. When taken consistently, it has also proven highly beneficial against a wide variety of degenerative diseases, which are often caused by mineral deficiencies in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that even the tiniest deficiencies or imbalances of trace minerals can and do affect our health profoundly, making all the difference between radiant good health or sickness and disease.

Take chromium for example. There is approximately 0.002g of this trace element in a body weighing 11 stones (164 lbs). To picture how little this is, imagine holding a single grain of sand in the palm of your hand. You can’t feel it. It weighs nothing and is almost swallowed by the creases in your palm.

Yet this minute amount of chromium plays a vital role in forming a substance that works with insulin to determine how the body uses its blood sugar. It also helps to metabolise fatty acids and cholesterol. Deprive the body of this one almost invisible, near weightless granule and it would become more vulnerable to diabetes, high blood pressure, arthrosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) and heart disease.

By taking a few drops of MICROMINS each day your body is guaranteed to be getting all the chromium it needs as well as every other trace mineral required to function as a single harmonious organism.