Dr. Thompson Torres
Through Active Medicine Research Therapy and associated with Centre for Complementary and Integrative Wellness, being a expert he is working for the last 27 years attributes the mankind. Also is actively participating in Advisory Council.
Dr. Ramananda Nadig, Bangalore (India)
Dr. Ramananda Nadig is presently the Dean of CREMA (Clinical Research Education and Management Academy). Earlier he had been the President in Health Care Global-Triesta Sciences, Bangalore. He has also worked with Stempeutics, the Manipal Group's stem cell research and development centre.  Dr Nadig was one of the key persons involved in drafting the guidelines on stem cell research in the country. He has also conducted a pilot study on the therapy on over 50 patients in 2007.
Dr. J S Rajkumar, Chennai (India)
Dr. J S Rajkumar is one of the pioneer laparoscopic surgeons in India who has performed more than 20000 Laparoscopic Surgeries. He is a master in Gasless Laparoscopy using Laparolift. He was a Part of the First Indian Liver Transplant team at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and is also one of the youngest International Examiner for the FRCS, and has conducted First Laparoscopic Surgery Camps in Sri Lanka and Maldives.
Dr. C.M. Habibullah, Hyderabad (India)
Dr. C.M. Habibullah is the Director of Deccan College of Medical Sciences and Allied Hospitals.  Presently he is the Director of Centre for Liver Research & Diagnostics. He has been awarded “Doctor of Science” by NTR University of Health Sciences (2003), “Padmashree” by the Govt. of India (2001), “B.C. Roy award” for Medical Excellence and Modi Unichem, ICMR Award, 1992 and “Kharazmi Award” on Medical Research from President, Islamic Republic of Iran (1996).
Dr. Taakeshi Kyotaa is a Researcher in Natural & Ancient Herbs for last 9 years with PhD in Herbology. He has done various researches on ancient Japanese herbs having a history of over 5000 years followed with tremendous results to various ailments in the most natural ways.
Dr. Patrik Bauer is a renowned dietitian & is an expert in Vitamins & Minerals. He has put in front the alarming need of essential vitamins & minerals which have gone missing in one’s daily diet by ways of demonstrating with consequences considering all age groups. He has also been awarded 7 times for his contribution towards mankind for rich expertise in his field.
Dr. Stephen Taylor is an expert in essential Trace Elements & Minerals & an advisor to many Pharma companies in Europe since 16 years. He has brought laurels by his extensive lectures emphasizing the dire inclusion of essential trace elements & minerals in everyone’s daily chores. He is well versed with all trace elements & minerals available along with the sources & the trace amounts required to be consumed. He has lectured in over 217 companies worldwide.
Dr. Marc Anthony is a Naturopathic Physician & a Health Care Professional in Natural Food Vitamins. He has achieved many appreciations during his 27 years experience. He has travelled 38 countries for creating awareness about naturopathic remedies & has also conducted free treatments to needy patients. He has done 23 different research studies in his field & 11 research studies on healthy living.