I’m living the life I ever imagined! – In the days before starting their Keva business, “Our life was so ordinary!” says Mr. Deepak Patel, formerly a warehouse employee. “We were leading very boring life used to get up early at 5 AM, used work for whole day, came home, went to bed, then woke up and started all over again. Due to financial bars even we were not planning to have our kids.” Then one day Mr. Patel’s father in law introduced him to KEVA Business and convinced them to give the Keva business opportunity a try. “All I needed to hear was that I might be able to leave my job in five years if I built it right and I was in,” Mr. Deepak says. Two years back they joined Keva Business and now there are earning very handsome amount. They both have left their business. The couple is also blessed with one daughter. They have more time to spend with their family. The couple enjoy traveling and working out. Mrs. Patel is very happy just hanging out at home and building this business. “I’m living the life I ever imagined!” she says.
(Mr. Ramesh Karsan Bhai Patel & Mrs. Geeta Karsan Bhai Patel)
(Vasavad, Gujarat)

I’m living the life I ever imagined! – In the days before starting their Keva business, “Our life was so ordinary!” says Mr. Deepak Patel, formerly a warehouse employee. “We were leading very boring life used to get up early at 5 AM, used work for whole day, came home, went to bed, then woke up and started all over again. Due to financial bars even we were not planning to have our kids.” Then one day Mr. Patel’s father in law introduced him to KEVA Business and convinced them to give the Keva business opportunity a try. “All I needed to hear was that I might be able to leave my job in five years if I built it right and I was in,” Mr. Deepak says. Two years back they joined Keva Business and now there are earning very handsome amount. They both have left their business. The couple is also blessed with one daughter. They have more time to spend with their family. The couple enjoy traveling and working out. Mrs. Patel is very happy just hanging out at home and building this business. “I’m living the life I ever imagined!” she says.
(Mr. Ramesh Karsan Bhai Patel & Mrs. Geeta Karsan Bhai Patel)
(Vasavad, Gujarat)

We saw a big difference between Keva business and a traditional teaching job. To earn extra we were taking tuitions as well thus not getting plenty of time to spend together and with family. There’s minimal financial investment and a lot of possibilities. And what we saw then was only the tip of the Thailand! Further I thought “To never owe anybody anything. To get up and go to bed whenever you want. To have the resources to help other people. To watch your kids grow up. To make plans whenever you want. If we can get all that with this business then that will be priceless. And we were not able to do any of it before Keva. The Keva business opportunity was an answer to our prayer. Coincidentally, I was introduced to it by my colleague. Today, Money is no longer an issue for us.” Thumbs Up for KEVA!!
(Mrs. Sarika Aggarwal & Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal)
(Hapur, U.P)

According to us,” The pay cheque we get from Keva every time it comes with peace of mind. Means we can say we were doing OK financially. Prior to starting our Keva business, we were both working.” (I worked as a chef in a restaurant; my wife as an office receptionist.) But that was not enough we were put in 10 to 12-hour long day work and had only one day a week to take rest. That didn’t leave much time for us as a family. When a family friend suggested we look into the Keva business opportunity, we liked what we saw at an open meeting. We saw people, some of whom we knew, looking successful and excited. We started our Keva business for the earning handsome amount. But now we’re building it to leave a better legacy for our family and to help other families succeed in India. Like we achieved our dreams, leading better life, we want our team to achieve that. This is the only goal left in our life now.
(Mr. Malkiat Singh & Mrs. Manpreet Kaur)
(Fazilka, Punjab)

I initially saw the Keva business opportunity as a means for providing “a little extra income.” Before long I began dreaming of bigger and better. I was working in operations in Courier Company. I was earning very nominal amount Rs. 5000 per month. But always in lookout for better opportunity as I was having serious family responsibilities that my father passed away when I was just 12. So I have to take care of my mother & one sister. After seeing Keva business plan I realized that the potentials are vast. From this business I can build a big business and make more money, and will have time to spend with my family, travel and can get big house & good life style. I wasn’t much of a dreamer before starting this business. But my sponsor made me to dream and taught me the importance of dreaming. Now my monthly cheque is more than Rs.40000 PM which is much more than my imagination. And we have images plastered all over the house. All my thanks to this wonderful business & my sponsor!
(Mr. Bhaskar M. & Mrs. Supriya)
(Maidukuru, A.P)

I was working as a bookkeeper while my wife studying accounts all over again to get some job. She used to work part time with some accountant, then went to classes and studied in her spare time. It was extremely stressful as we were going through financial crisis. She had surgery not once, but three times. In her classes she was introduced to this excellent business opportunity. Within a couple months, we started our own Keva business. The good thing was that we can work from home. Our hardship and with the help of our sponsor’s support we achieved dramatic results in this business. In a span of just 6 months I achieved Maruti Alto & gold of Rs. 1 Lac. This business has changed our life! Our business has given us more income, plus the freedom to travel. Now my next goal is to become a Flat Fund achiever for which I am working hard. With this business we are leading healthy & happy life.
(Mr. Chetan Sharma & Mrs. Bhumika Sharma)
(Gohad, Madhya Pradesh)

I was working as Gym Instructor in Delhi and my wife is a home maker. I recall feeling after learning about the Keva business opportunity, I was flat out excited. I knew the headaches of my job and the sacrifice of time it required for achieving success in this profession. I’m happy that my Keva business has reached a level where I can enjoy the unparalleled lifestyle it provides. Before joining this business I was very introvert, but today I am enjoying talking to people and working with them. My desire to achieve the lifestyle I saw possible through Keva helps me a lot to fight with my fears. In two years, I see myself in my dream house, and with a family, I love boxing, so I will probably pursue it for fun, maybe even own a private gym. I am enjoying my freedom to fully. All because of this amazing opportunity.
(Mr. Sharad Berry & Mrs. Smita Berry)
(Phonda, Maharashtra)

My experience clearly an example of - how hardship and dedication pays you with proper strategy. I was working as marketing executive of electrical appliances. The truth is my life has been totally transformed by this Keva business. Not only have gained much-needed flexibility in my schedule, but my wife has also gained a confidence she never had just because of this business. Our life was full of obligations that come with a nominal income. We worked 12 hours a day and couldn’t even take leave at the same time! When a friend showed them the Keva business opportunity I thought at least to give a try to business income as there was no heavy investment was required and the products were really good. Now I see myself accomplishing my life’s purpose in the next five years. Few years back I was so hopeless about life but now I want to cherish every moment in life just because of this business. My heartiest wishes to Dr. Karan Goel for bringing such chance to change one’s life.
(Mr. Manoj Lal Yadav & Mrs. Madhumani Yadav)
(Chakai, Bihar)

I was working in Investment Company as advisor on commission basis as we know this job requires lot of marketing and visits. All the day & late in the evening hours I used to visit number of person but some shows interest some not. Even some denied after making 4 - 5 visits on their request. It was really annoying and harassing I was in lookout of better business opportunity from which my life can become stable and can get good income. When one of my friends introduced with this business opportunity I found this business very interesting. I started building my business with the help of extraordinary products. Within merely span of 8 months I achieved the gold status in Keva. This business has really changed my life and it has given me a lot of financial support. Now I can see stability in my life and my life style has changes I have just planned for renovating my house and have enjoyed Thailand Trip this year which I could never be possible with my old job which I left after 2 months of joining this business. I can spend quality time with my kids and take care of their studies as well. This is indeed a wonderful business!
(Mr. Sarbnarayan Mishra & Mrs. Aruna Mishra)
((Domariaganj, U.P)

In Keva I liked our leader Mr. Nimkar so I joined this business. I used to share my questions and he always stand by me in sort out every confusion I was facing. By profession I was a taxi driver and I met him when he hired my taxi for Shimla trip. When I joined I was having no idea how would I build this business and get huge income but with the help of our leader I started learning the things and following what he advised slowly I understood this business and now I am full time into this business and earning a good income out of it more than being a taxi driver. This business is the one which I admire a lot in my life as has completely given a new shape to my life. Being into this business I have learned to see big dreams and never get used to your middle class life. Always try to achieve your dreams one day you will see you have achieved what you thought of.
(Mr. Suresh & Mr. Arushi Karnani)
(Bemetara, Chattisgarh)

We have learned to have ambitions just because of Keva! We want to be example to our family and friends; to all the people we’ve made promises. We don’t want to live average life; we want to live the lifestyle of our up line. You can see how optimistic thought I carry but if you have met me few years back then you will understand how depressed I was from my boring auto parts shop business. Where I fully lost my peace of mind because this business required lot of hard work but still the earnings were not satisfactory. But with the help of this tremendous business opportunity I can take care of my earnings and time. I am feeling freedom in my life which was missing. I went out of country which I believe was not possible if not joined this business. I have started enjoyed my life, now can visit my friends, relatives from time to time. With this business I can attend the weddings, other functions very well which I used to avoid because of average earning.
(Mr. Rajaguru K & Mrs. Kalyani Rajaguru K.)
(Vellore, Tamilnadu)

I was working in Public sector and my wife was also a Govt. Employee in Bank but as our income increased in Keva and attained a satisfactory level my wife has decided to leave her job so that we can live together as she was in different city and I was in different. I and she agreed to take things a step at a time, setting our initial goal for Gold, to have the financial flexibility they needed. Reaching Gold in only14 months, we found new dreams and goals to keep them focused. I think Diamond will be an indescribable milestone. There are so many emotions of joy and satisfaction in the accomplishment. It’s all that comes behind this business that is extraordinary. It’s heartwarming to know that what we do changes other people’s lives. Sky is the limit. Dream high & go high with Keva!
(Mr. Ashish Jain & Mrs. Arpita Jain)
(Badagaon, Odisha)

I was working in Pune as Software Engineer when got chance to see the plan. Initially I was hesitating in doing this business as will disturb my job however was getting not satisfactory amount there but still. Our mentors were understanding, patient, and consistent. They supported me in every mean and now I think it’s such a privilege we have in this business to be able to choose our own hours, decide how much we want to work, and where we want to take our business. I have got a new car just after joining this business which I was thinking to have for many days. Keva Industries has given my vision to achieve success in life.
(Mr. Jayesh Salvi )
(Manchar, Maharashtra)

I am a college student and enjoying working with Keva. Today per month my average income is Rs. 10000/- which is like dream come true I never thought of buying brand new mobile of worth Rs.39500/- from my pocket money but this business has given me excellent lifestyle. I don’t mind it adopting as a career. This is such a lovely business!
(Mr. Chinnei Chong Panmei)
(Wangjing, Manipur)

My wife and me are running a boutique and getting average amount but we were not getting enough time to spend with our family. There was lot of work stress and liabilities on us. We bought a shop on loan so had to clear the monthly installment of Rs. 10000/- so this was the extra burden on us. We were looking for extra job but had no time. But with the help of this unique opportunity we started developing our business by sitting in our shops. With proper education and support we have not cleared our loan amount. MY extra income has reached around Rs.20000 PM. Also I have achieved Bike & Gold worth Rs. 1 Lac from this business. This has provided us stress free life.
(Mr. Ramendra Ranjan Das & Mrs. Pramatha Das)
(Palasbari, Assam)

I am dentist and started this business after using the products KAMD, KSED & CTMD. After seeing wonderful results of these products I connected with this business. Within just four months of joining this business I started seeing it as way to get financial security. People are getting remarkable achievements here. So I have now given my four hours a day to this business but what I pay this business has given me more than that. I was rewarded with Thailand Trip, Pension fund & many other rewards. This has also changed my life now I enjoy this business a lot!
(Mr. Satya Prakash & Mrs. Niru Srivastava)
(Supail, Bihar)

I am lecturer by profession and now working as distributor & speaker with Keva. This business has helped me a lot to explore my hidden potential. Keva Business provides you space and scope of enterprising and innovative earnings. You will grow with Keva as a friend, a supporter, a guide, a mentor and as well a successful entrepreneur.
(Mr. Abdus Sadiqui & Mrs. Koser Sadiqui)
(Samastipur, Bihar)

I, Prakash Ghosh, was running a consultancy business in the field of education. But few years back when I first tried to set up some business of my own to get some respite from this profession as no stability was there. Then I attracted to Keva Business as it has unique business plan & products. Also a company with so many rewards & certifications which I never seen in any direct selling company. With this company I have reached to a level of success and satisfaction I really started like doing this business. After 6 months I quit my old profession and now working full time as speaker & networker with Keva!
(Mr. Prakash Ghosh & Mrs. Minali Ghosh)
(Harharia Chak, West Bengal)

I came to know about this company some 2 years back through one of my friend. At that time the company was exploring and setting in different areas all over India. My friend invited me to join him in this business but I was not very optimistic about the potential of the company or the business. But the pace this company has taken was amazing. I did not stop myself by joining this business and now daily achieving new height of success. Our company CEO Dr. Karan Goel is a great mentor and personality to choose such wonderful business to launch in India. They are having already established strong business background but he believed in the vision of providing people health & wealth and he did it. I am telling all this because I strongly believe; the financial background and the credentials play a very vital role for any network marketing company. This is a great company and opportunity as well!
(Md. Ashraf )
(Jourian, J&K)

I was in Agriculture business still doing it. I have been associated with Keva for the last 10 months. And you can see the potential of this business that I have achieved Thailand Trip & Hyundai Eon. My lifestyle has completely changed. Also before joining this business I was hesitant to speak with people but now I can interact with people well. I am so thankful to God that I did this business!
(Mr. Vikesh Bumwal & Mrs. Reena Bumwal)
(Seraikela, Jharkhand)

I used to give private tuitions to the students and obviously was unsatisfied from what I was earning. I applied for many Govt. Jobs but could not clear the interview. But now I am so happy and cherishing my each moment in Keva as this business has helped me to fulfill my goals in life. Where I was living on rented house now I have my own house now I am so glad that joined Keva!
(Mr. Harish Kumar Chachra & Mrs. Meena Rani)
(Mandi Dabwali, Haryana)

I was working as Jewellary Designer & was really busy person in this business. Even many days I could not see my children as they sleep when I used to get at home after completing my job. I used to see them on Sunday only but some time I have to go on work on Sundays also. I was in search of good income opportunity so can sideline this business. Then I met my wife’s friend she shared with me the Keva Business Plan. I started thinking seriously towards this business and worked hard. In merely first 100 days of joining I reach on good level of Keva business. I got the recognitions of Earliest Fast Track Achiever. The celebration and rewards overwhelmed me. With Keva sponsors I feel like a family. They are so supportive and encouraging. I am soon going to achieve the Keva Gold level!
(Mr. Sekhar Chakraborty & Mrs. Pranali Chakraborty)
(Sonamura, Tripura)

Before joining Keva Industries I am working as mechanical engineer. After completing my education I too had a job. My wife is also working as Development Manager in MNC, we both were working hard to give easy life to our children but soon we realized that most of our efforts were not for us but for some-one else. Through –out this period we were on a look out for some opportunity through which we could fulfill our dream. Through one of my relative I came to know about Keva. In initial 6 months we struggled a lot as were not getting enough time to get involved in Keva due to busy schedule but with company's training, belief in products, system, company & vision, we started earning good income & building our team. My basic income started with Rs.500 & now it’s Rs.70000 per month. I bought my first Getz car with my achievement. My wife has left the job, she is taking care of our Children supporting them in their teenage. This is all because of Keva. After achieving monthly target of Rs. 2 Lac income from Keva I will too leave my job. I have time freedom, financial freedom, boss freedom & I will be giving good education to my children. All my dreams are coming to reality with the help of Keva!
(Mr. K. Parameshwara & Mrs. Gayatri Parameshwara)
(Kadigenahalli, Karnataka)

I was an ordinary home maker and my husband is a business man. I had never thought of doing my own business but thanks to my up line Sulekha Madam for giving me wonderful opportunity and support for achieving good level in Keva. If you’ve belief in your dreams, you can achieve anything. I have strong belief in my dream of earning Rs. 10 Lac a month in this year from Keva, I have strong belief in my dream of my key down line earning Rs. 1 Lac a month from Keva by the end of this year and driving their owned dream cars. Thanks to entire Keva for creating a one of its kind support system in entire Direct Selling industry.
(Mr. Saravanan Iyer & Mrs. Ilamathi Iyer)
(Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu)

When my friend told me that I am earning Rs. 50000 in a month from Keva Business then seriously I could not believe. But once he showed his cheque copy then I had to believe. In Keva Business Meeting I met with many people from different back grounds who are doing Keva business and earning a good income and getting rewards like foreign trips & recognitions with secured future. After that I started envisaging about getting a satisfactory income to repay my loans, having my own car, house & getting my children the higher education. I thought & decided, if others are doing, I can also do it. Then I started working. This year my total earnings are more than Rs. 6.55 Lac which was beyond my expectations. This is a letter of gratitude to Keva for providing chance to common people to change their life.
(Mr. Pankaj Dhawan & Mrs. Gauri Dhawan)
(New Delhi)

We had a family business of Cloth Shop. On their footsteps I also joined that shop but soon realized that my education is not getting utilized. I decided to do the job but the salary I was offered was too less than my Income and thus I could not join. Later I got to know about Keva business from one of our customer and on his recommendations I visited them, they showed me entire plan and products which were fascinating. With this belief I went ahead and while many refused to work with me, there were some who decided to come along making me achieve the first ‘Silver’ status. As my business started flourishing and my area of income increased. I am fully satisfied with my achievement in this business and will stick to this for my entire life.
(Mr. Bishu Kalai)
(Williamnagar, Meghalaya)

I would like to say thanks to all my associates and team for this magnificent achievement. We connected with Keva just 6 months back for the reason to have Indian company which can position up to global standards. Earlier I & my wife both were already leading a successful life, I was Chief executive in operation in MNC, I did my M.Com, M.B.A, L.L.B and Nishita is a software Engineer and now we are part of Direct Selling industry since last one and half year and have achieved satisfactory level. We have travelled abroad because of this business. This success is all about our team. I dedicate this to my lovely team, my family and sponsor including Keva staff. We are here to be taught more stuff and we know the best is yet to come.
(Mr. Akash Goyal & Mrs. Nishita Goyal)
(Doiwala, Uttarakhand)

Really it feels great to be a Gold level achiever. It was achieved after merely 8 months of joining & then I realized that I am going to achieve my next destination, Keva Diamond very soon. It is such amazing journey with Keva till date and My Team, My Sponsor are so supporting, I would like to thank wholeheartedly for believing in me. My Sponsor Mr. Tilak Kumar brought me from my busy life of Market analyst which is full of stress. Now I am full time building this business with tension free life. I can spare enough time with my family members earlier they were complaining not to take them out. But now we have three trips in last 5 months by which they are very happy. I am highly grateful to Dr. Karan Goel for changing the lives of many people like me!
(Mr. Rakesh Awasthi & Mrs. Meena Awasthi)
(Kachhauna Patseni, U.P)

In these 2 years I have learnt big thing in my life from my up lines Mr. Ajeet Kumar and Mrs. Sandhya that you need to dream big to achieve big success. They helped me overcome my limitations as I belonged to a very traditional family. I was not educated enough to get a job or do a business. But now I am a confident business entrepreneur. I think my main secret to get success in Keva is to blindly trust my sponsor and followed my dreams and goals. Now I have my own recognition among family friends and relatives.
(Ms. Vaishali Ganeshan)
(Gauribidanur, Karnataka)

Earlier I was a Life Insurance Agent & Financial advisor before joining Keva. Initially I took Keva as a part time job. When I came to know I have future here & it’s going to change my lifestyle, I took it as full time job. This business has given me financial stability, good health and better lifestyle. There were so many barriers in my life but the one was disturbing me a lot was not having own house just due to financial problem. But this is the kind of business which gave me the excellent way to get my own house which I never expected.
(Mr. Y.K Mishra)
(Jhalrapatan, Rajsthan)

Before joining Keva I worked with 3 different direct selling companies, where I did not get any success then I started my own business of electronics items & lost about 3 Lac in 2 years in this. Then I was introduced to Keva business opportunity through my family friend. I am very happy now and I am working together. With hard work and dedication you can win in this business.
(Mr. Jayant Mehta & Mrs. Deepika Mehta)
(Dhandhuka, Gujarat)

We were going through a painful phase with lot of obstacles and a money crisis that made me to ponder only on the problems. We finally understood that by just changing our approach, life is going to change. Then we started focusing only on the solutions that were available. Soon we joined Keva. With their compensation plan we attain the height of success. Immediately we adapted the same within our team. Now we are happy to share that we have jumped directly from Keva Bronze to Keva Gold with 5 new achievers. The secret behind this success is strong mindset & teamwork, thanks to team, Sponsor & Keva dedicated workforce.
(Mr. Kunal Bhatt & Mrs. Anu Bhatt)
(Indergarh, Madhya Pradesh)

I was working as technician as I found Keva - the only business in which if your team cultivates than eventually you grow. Before joining Keva I was just a student with a lot of dreams and objectives and I was searching for an opportunity. Then I came across Keva opportunity and today I am happy that most of my dreams are satisfied. I am happy that I am able to make a strong foot hold. Keva Product quality has earned me many friends and as a result I have been able to bring them to work with me. Keva Business Plan is giving people ultimate realization of their dreams. This success has changed my views and traits. I now look at things very positively. I feel at times that this kind of an opportunity should have come to me a little earlier. I have spoken to many people working in other companies and have realized that my pleasure level is much higher. I am grateful to all my team members, up line and to Keva. I would like to give my special thanks to our sponsor for her contributions and maintain.
(Mr. Shanthi & Mrs. Sulakshana)
(Padirikuppam, Tamil Nadu)

I belong to a middle class family, but my dreams were big and I did not want to live an ordinary life. I and my wife both are government teachers and like others we used to give tuitions after school till evening. I heard about network marketing but never believed on the incomes declared by the companies but thanks to my kind upline who introduced me to Keva Industries, its plan and its vision which compelled me to join. Like we say, “sometimes a small decision can change one’s life” the same implements on me and my family. My life has completely changed with Keva and I have started enjoying the life as a result I have now achieved many big rewards even a helicopter. I got whatever I have dreamt of, foreign trips, quality time with my family, money and fame.
(Puneet Khurana)
(Jaypore, Orissa)

I hail from a middle class family and come from small Village in Indore. My father started his career with a small job and later opened a cloth shop. On his footsteps I also joined that shop but soon realized that my education is not getting utilized. I decided to start a Coaching Center which ran well for some time but soon because of my growing responsibilities I had to open a travel agency too. These establishments were growing at much slower speed which kept me quite dissatisfied. During this period I came to know about Keva Industries business through a customer and since it was possible to carry this business along with my other establishments, I decided to take the plunge. My initial period was quite rough as I faced opposition from all sides. Within the family, my father was of the opinion that Keva business will destroy my other establishments and outside, customers showed lot of disbelief about the reliability of the products. Though these testing circumstances initially shook me, a voice deep inside me always kept telling that “this business can change my life”. As my business started picking up, my nature of problems changed. Now the problem was to retain people in the group, as most of the people lacked confidence and patience required for network marketing business. It was also due to lack of my experience that I was unable to make my people realize their dreams which affected my business too. I took this challenge head on and started concentrating on business tools provided by Keva. Over a period of time, as I got equipped with the right techniques of the trade I was able to instill confidence in people and finally could retain them. This certainly brought good results and my business grew in leaps and bounds. With the help of my uplines and Keva Company, I could now finally influence people much more which brought definitive change. But more than these achievements what was of much greater importance to me was the personality change which came along with the success. Not only my way of thinking changed but also the way I conducted myself. Now when I look back, I feel that Keva Industries has changed my whole life. With financial strength it has also given social and spiritual strength and with love of my people I have attained a national recognition now. My biggest happiness comes from the fact that through Keva Industries I have become an agent of change in many people’s life. Lot of my relatives has joined Keva Industries. Apart from money they are experiencing a whole new lifestyle with lifetime security. I might be an ideal for many but I owe everything to Keva Industries. It is my belief that Keva Industries can make difference in life of not only one individual but of many which will slowly contribute to the social system at large. For all my achievements, I am grateful to Mr. Karan Goel who has offered a golden opportunity to the common man to reach greater heights.
(Pritpal Singh Rathore)
(Indore, Madhya Pradesh)

We joined Keva in April, 2011. It the best 20th wedding anniversary gift of God for us. After 4 years, we look back now with immense satisfaction and pride. Keva Industries has not only given us financial freedom and foreign trips with name and fame but also has taught us persistence, perseverance and patience. Day is not far off when our Beloved Keva Industries would be ranked as the No.1 Natural Health care Company in India. Our heart-felt thanks to Mr. Karan Goel for creating the Treasure World of Keva and the Almighty for giving us the wisdom to stick to Keva Industries. May our determination and involvement create astounding results in the excellent business of Keva Industries!
(Vinay Bangia and Aanchal Bangia)
(Bantval, Karnataka)

We were happily settled in a joint family. Our dream was to earn enough money before the age of 45 years, and live the life of our dreams – free of stress, debt, time pressures or worries. So, we had taken the risk of entering into stock market and immediately came under heavy debt (Rs 16.5 lakhs) when our best friend showed us the business. We saw the Keva business as the only way we can have a lot of free time, live without stress and be financially free. What motivated us is the concept of time – multiplication. When we started, we had no proof of success, no history in India – which this system works. But we knew that if we work for it, it will work for us. So with focus and willpower, we worked hard, learned, and in twelve months time, our income from Keva was more than what we earned during 14 years of struggle in the job and business before Keva Industries. We succeeded by creating leaders – our stand is that we will create leaders out of anyone who joins us with commitment. As we kept jumping levels, Keva kept rewarding us with recognition, foreign trips (19 countries), and as a result, we now enjoy and command a lot of respect in society. Today we are debt free, our children go to the best colleges, and will never have to worry about a job. We have purchased the car of our dream, a huge house with 6 rooms (current value Rs 1.8 crore). We live a stress free life. We have a lot of time to spend with family. Our vision for the future – we are looking for people who are looking for big success. We shall create leaders who will create huge wealth, and in turn, leave a legacy.
(Kalol, Gujarat)

I was an LIC Agent and Financier before joining Keva Industries. Initially I took Keva as a part time job. When I came to know I have future here and it’s going to change my lifestyle, I took it as full time job. My father was very upset because I did not study further. He wanted me to study well, find a good job and settle in my life. In 2010 I was introduced to Keva Industries. My parents did not want me to do any independent business, but I wanted to prove them wrong and Keva did not put me down. I have improved my personality, body language, lifestyle, and way of speaking and how to speak with whom. Keva helped me to develop self confidence which I lacked. I have earned a good name in the society. Keva helped me grow and I am earning Rs.2,00,000 every month. My income is more than an IAS officer or an Engineer. I have enjoyed eight foreign trips. I own a good lifestyle duplex house worth Rs. 6000000 and a luxury car. Keva is the only company which gives opportunity to us as well as to others. We get job satisfaction here as we help our down lines to do Car Achievement and Foreign Trip qualification. This cannot be done while we work for other companies. You get financial freedom, time freedom and lifestyle freedom. We can also fulfill our dreams here. Keva Industries made all my dreams come to reality. I am not a well literate, but Keva educated me about life and how to lead a good lifestyle. Keva does not ask your religion, neither your caste nor your education. It only asks for your dreams. If you have dream you join Keva Industries and Keva will bring all your dreams to reality and make you successful like me one day.
Jairin Sharma
(Valparai, Tamil Nadu)

My journey in Keva Industries started in 2011. It was gifted by one of my patient. I and my husband are general family physicians by profession. My husband is a retired major from army medical corps and we have been practicing medicine since 3 decades. Keva transformed our lives altogether. We have achieved great success with Keva Industries business continuously since past 5 years. We have been recognized at national and international plat forms. Keva gave us all that we could ask for like extra income, social circle, personality development, various free foreign trips to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia etc. During our journey we also overcame many hurdles and obstacles like hesitation, ego, our own acquaintances used to think that our medical practice has gone down which is why we have ventured into the new realm. I used to think what people would think about us. But the training sessions provided at Keva Industries and seminars wiped out every iota of doubt that I had. I climbed up in the business ladder. Keva rewarded us with a brand new Mercedes Benz dream vehicle for our achievement. Now I have a mission in my mind and soon I will achieve more laurels because I have started working for changing lives of people around me. In the end, I humbly would like to thank my patient, who introduced me to this wonderful Keva opportunity, Keva staff, who has always been a huge support for my growth and development, my team and Mr. Karan Goel who have provided us this great platform for all of us to shine and rise. Long live Keva Industries!
Dr. Renuka Pandeya and Dr. Pinakin Pandeya
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

I belong to a small town in Gujarat. After completing my education I got into a leading direct selling company of India and received decent success. Very soon I realized that direct selling is the only industry where one can achieve his/her dreams without investing a huge sum of money. However, the company, I was working with did not have a solid background and hence, even after working for so long, we were back to square one. We started looking out for different options and before joining Keva Industries we actually studied at least 10 different companies. Then finally we shortlisted Keva Industries, because of the following reasons: 1. Solid background and financial backing of Mr. Karan Goel 2. Daily use products catering to almost every household needs 3. Well rewarding plan. 4. Supportive management. These reasons filled us with confidence. We started working in the field. Initially it was not easy, but with the guidance of up lines and support of the Keva Industries sales/training team we clicked in the field. We started learning about the products and their demos. Amazing thing is that everybody got impressed with the products. We started focusing on personal retailing and developing team as per the requirement of a product based company like Keva Industries. I would like to thank my up lines and all my downlines coupled with the company’s support for my achievement with Keva Industries. It would not have been possible all alone. It is because of the support of everybody that I have been able to achieve great success in such a short span of time. I can assure everybody that this is just the beginning. We are going to create a history in Keva and rock the entire Indian direct selling industry.
(Rajan Patial)
(Vyara, Gujarat)

I joined Keva Industries as a part time business when I was studying in college, I wanted to buy a new bike & laptop, but my father’s income was very less. Within 2 months of joining Keva, this business gave me a high end laptop as reward. Within 6 months I also managed to buy a new bike. Now I have finished college & joined Keva as full time. Keva gave me everything unlimited money, fame, fully paid international trips around the globe. I am now living the life of my dreams. Very critical was the training support that I got from Keva Industries, without this support we would not have gone anywhere.
(Mr. Rakesh Singla)
(Sakri, Maharashtra)

With Keva Industries, we achieved great success only in the third month of our working. What got us going was the Jackpot and Malaysia offer. When we realized, this opportunity can give us unimaginable income and rewards/awards we planned our working and worked day and night. Continuous meetings, travelling, constant communication that transpired into titles. The learning and excitement enthused into our team by the uplines really showed the results. I would sincerely like to thank my upline, my entire team and Keva’s Industries support staff.
(Pankaj Dhanraj Gill)
(Kodagu, Karnataka)

Before joining Keva I was just a student with a lot of dreams and aspirations and I was searching for an opportunity. I Then I came across Keva Industries opportunity and today I am happy that most of my dreams are fulfilled. I sincerely followed the system of this network and today I own a house worth Rs. 25 lakhs and have been on 8 foreign trips. I am buying a new car shortly. I have earned social respect and my family is happy. I am thankful to all my team members, uplines and to Keva Industries for their contributions and support. Keva is the only business in which if your team grows then ultimately you grow.
(Sandhesh Thakraal)
(Rajgarh, Rajasthan)

I come from a middle class family. I have had my days of struggle and challenges during initial days of joining Keva. Keva Product quality has earned me many friends and as a result I have been able to bring them to work with me. Keva Industries wonderful plans are giving people ultimate realization of their dreams. This success has changed my thinking and personality. I now look at things very positively. I feel at times that this kind of an opportunity should have come to me a little earlier. I have spoken to many people working in other companies and have realized that my satisfaction level is much higher than other people. We are happy that the divine gave us Keva. We thank Karan Goel Ji for giving us this special Keva family and also to all the seniors and staff who have contributed to this organization without which today we would have not got this opportunity. Now it is our turn to live upto that spirit. We thank from bottom of heart, our great uplines and my team. We Love you all.
(Yogesh Suddipto)
(Lakhimpur, Assam)

I am associated with Keva since last 4 yrs; being married at a young age I had to stop my studies and always had a feeling how to fulfill my dreams of being self sufficient. On 30th Jan 2011 I started using Keva product and I was satisfied beyond imagination, and I started promoting the products. From there I started fulfilling all my small dreams. Then slowly I started giving more time to Keva due to which I achieved many awards. I have achieved the Shanghai and Thailand trip as well and have also been able to purchase 1 four-wheeler and a two-wheeler for my family. Today I can say that being a simple homemaker I earn 80 thousand and have lot of Achievers in my team. I would like to thank Mr. Karan Goel for helping me with such a good platform. I would also like to all my downlines and uplines for their support.
(Nitika Mahajan)
(Semaria, Madhya Pradesh)

Before joining Keva Industries I worked for more than 4 different companies in Hyderabad, where I did not get any success then I started my own business and lost about 3 lakhs in 12 years in 8 different businesses. Then I was introduced to Keva's Golden opportunity through my family friend. I am very happy now and me and my family work together. I also feel proud to share that I am the first one to win a car from Keva Industries. About 70 of my partners have achieved foreign trips, 25 have achieved Cars and 50 in total are title achievers. We are happy to be a part of Keva Industries. It gives us immense pleasure to serve People with our unique products. We all are crazy about product results. I personally want to be successful in Keva Industries. Thanks to my Lovely uplines and downlines. We are grateful to Mr. Karan Goel and entire top management.
(Umesh Gupta)
(Purulia, West Bengal)

I always wanted to earn big in my life so I was in search of opportunities. As the time favored, Keva Industries came to my life as a blessing in disguise. Being fully aware of the power of leverage, team work and support of company, besides world class products, I got associated with and relentlessly marched ahead on the journey with Keva Industries achieving one level after another. The unmatchable products that really add value to the lives of millions helped a lot to reach at such a height which one day seemed beyond attainable, being a part timer to get associated with the system. While, I had and have trust and belief in myself with optimal attitude and at the same time I am really grateful to my line of sponsors, especially my downline business partners who have extended their whole hearted support with dedication. The support of the company executives, their timely guidance is remarkable and praiseworthy.
(Jaidev Shankar)
(Chandrapur, Maharashtra)

There is nothing impossible in this world. “Where there is a will there is a way”. When I joined Keva Industries 5 years back I wanted to do something meaningful in life and be successful. I believed and put my best efforts. I have learnt and understood many things in this business, most important is the power to dream big and visualize them. I believe if your mind can conceive and you can believe then you can achieve anything. Hurdles exist everywhere, but if you believe in yourself, your dreams and in the system then all these hurdles will become stepping stones to your success. My journey involved a lot of personal struggle and challenges from other direct selling companies. But my uplines guidance, education system of Keva industries as well as company’s support paved my way to success and prosperity. My vision remains to create a golden age in India through Keva Industries.
Dayaram Mukherjee
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

I started my career as a Pharma professional and alongside I completed my MBA and Law with a dream of unlimited growth and success. But Keva Industries has given me the opportunity to fulfill all my dreams. I have faced a lot of obstacles in life but I never gave up because I have always believed in Keva’s proven system and in my efforts. Nothing is easy in this world; one has to pay the price. To achieve this level as well I strongly believed in my dream and set my mind to achieve it and made continuous efforts round the clock to make it happen. I have been lucky to be supported by my wife, my parents and my daughter along with all my uplines and all my downlines. I would like to thank Mr. Karan Goel sir who have given us this wonderful opportunity and for creating maximum number of entrepreneurs in India.
Siddharth Kapoor
Narengi, Assam

Before Keva I was a business man from a lower middle class family. I firmly believe that keva is the only network marketing company that can give total freedom to all ambitious people. After joining Keva I developed 100% belief in scope i.e. [system, company and staff, own-self, product and every one]. I thank god for showing me the direction of choosing the best network marketing company. Special thanks my great upline Mr. R.D. Singh for his mental support. Thanks to my wife Barkha for helping me to set my mind to achieve big success. We are also grateful to our Keva team. We always thank our living God Mr. Karan Goel for giving us these wonderful plans which has changed the lives of so many people.
Hariram Singh Rathore
Bangalore, Karnataka

I started my journey in Keva Industries as a simple housewife. Today I am very much satisfied with my decision of joining Keva as it gave me an opportunity to earn a lot of money on a regular basis. It has given me self respect, self identity, recognition and an improved lifestyle. My greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that along with the change in my own lifestyle Keva Industries has also given me the opportunity to change the lifestyle of many other housewives like me. I am looking forward for many more achievements and fulfilling all my dreams. I am thankful to Mr. Karan Goel for providing such a good platform like Keva to the housewives, who have dreams and passion for success. I am also thankful to my family, my downlines and Keva support system for my success.
Urmilla Khurana
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

We are grateful to God for bringing Keva Industries in our lives. We are also grateful to our Keva team uplines and downlines. We also thank Mr. Karan Goel for giving us this wonderful opportunity and empowering us for changing so many lives as well as touching so many hearts. Because Keva is one and only Indian company which have given chance to everyone to fulfill their dreams easily and quickly with its wonderful Plans.
Sandeep Katoch
Baroda, Gujarat

I am from Gudalur, Tamil Nadu. Before joining Keva I was a BBM student. Now I am a Keva achiever and a leader. This is my entire team’s achievement. Thanks to my upline and my partners, all champion team leaders. I am proud to be a part of magical and logical company and be a topper in Tamil Nadu. I got eligibility for foreign trip i.e., Shanghai so easily to participate in the world class program. Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is the matter of choice that is Keva Industries. To reach every step of Keva ladder depends on four simple steps. 1. Use products. 2. Recommend products. 3. Talk to people about the company. 4. Talk to people about the magical and wonderful plan. Once again I convey my heart full thanks and praises to Almighty God who is behind my achievements every time. Keva Industries is such a company where there is no time bound to achieve any title. Magical products and plans of Keva give immense pleasure and incredible position to each and everybody who is very serious about it. Keva’s scientific way is a boon to anybody who wants to do real network. All the best!
Stanley Sam
Gudalur, Tamil Nadu

Before joining Keva I was working as contract meter reader. Initially I took up Keva as my part time job. Then slowly I started to know about company’s system and started attending trainings. After getting to know the system and knowledge about products I started to work full time. I am happy with my achievements and thank my uplines and downlines for this. I also take this opportunity to thank Mr. Karan Goel Sir.
Vinay Bhoslay
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

It has been a memorable journey and wonderful experience working with Keva Industries. In April 2011, it really proved to be dream vehicle for us. We believe that it’s just a start of wealth creation journey in Keva. The real wonders are yet to come. It was possible only because of hand holding and guidance of all our up lines and active participation of down lines. We would like to thank the company staff for their help and to Mr. Karan Goel Sir for launching such a great business
Vishakha Bhaskar
Guwahati, Assam

I am very happy to be a part of Keva. So many other scheme companies approached me to join them. But I had very good faith in Keva Industries, my leaders and Keva company system is very strong. So I have gone to 4 foreign trips and getting very good income. If I would have gone to other scheme I would have become care of foot path only. Because of my leaders direction I have achieved all these. Thanks to Mr. Karan Goel and all Keva Staff.
Ajay Mehta
Pune, Maharastra

I got Keva Industries, the opportunity for a life time..! This entirely turned my life as well as many people’s life towards success from me. After number of recognitions and foreign tours in this journey of 6 years, today I am proud member of Keva Industries! For this moment I specially thank to my family for providing immense support in all ups and downs, and to god for being with me in the form of caring uplines and loving downlines and whole heartedly to Keva opportunity. Although this is an achievement, it’s just a beginning. Still there is a long way to go.
Abhishek Parmar
Bikaner, Rajasthan

I have done my graduation before joining Keva Industries. We have a weaving unit. But still I was searching for a job as I did not want to depend on my parent. My friend introduced me to Keva opportunity and told me that whether educated or uneducated there was an opportunity for all. I faced a lot of negativity when I started. I did not give up and continued. Today I have travelled many foreign countries and have earned Rs. 137,000 last month. This is dedicated to all those who said I could never make it. My wife Deviki has supported me for my achievement. My upline has helped me in many ways. I am thankful for my downlines for their support. Every person has a skill to do it big. I am thankful to Mr. Karan Goel for this opportunity.
Varinder Bhatnagar and Deviki
Jaintipur, Haryana

I was born in Kerala with a poor background. My husband was a tailor. I had a dream to make it big in life. But I could not do anything. I got this opportunity through a stranger and it was a boon. I followed the system and guidelines by my upline. I got an opportunity to go to Hongkong, Bangkok and Macau. I have qualified with my husband for Shanghai trip too. I am happy the level I have achieved. My highest cheque was Rs. 1,39,000. I am thankful to my downline. I thank Mr. Karan Goel, upline and downline for the opportunity.
Lakshdeep Saho
Kochi, Kerela

I was a part time lecturer before joining Keva Industries and belonged to a middle class family. I was introduced to this opportunity by one of my well wishers 5 years back when I was working as a lecturer. My life turned 360 degrees from that day onwards. I got many awards and rewards and I could fulfill many of my dreams like: visiting abroad, I could buy a bike and a car. I became a trainer and motivator and got good recognition all over India. Now I am helping my team achieve higher levels. I thank my uplines, Mr. Karan Goel for giving me this wonderful life changing opportunity.
Biwakar Sahni
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

I belong to a farmer family and have studied from a village school. I came to city with a thought of getting higher education and earn money. But after doing diploma on studies also didn’t get a good job. Then I worked with Life insurance Co. for 8 yrs. But I was not satisfied and that very time Keva Industries came into my life and I worked seriously with that and that yield a cheque of Rs. 1448 which now transformed to lakhs. Achieved Car and many times Foreign trip from Keva Industries because of support of parents, team members’ help, uplines hard work and lastly self –confidence. Thanks to Mr. Karan Goel to make a successful businessman from a farmer.
Sourabh Setia
Shimoga, Karnataka

I joined Keva 2 years ago on 28th Jan, 2011 under Mr. Sandeep Roy. I am thankful to him for introducing me to Keva Industries and for all the support. I would also specially like to thank my team leaders and the consultants for their trust and support, for which I would ever remain grateful to them. Last but not the least; I would like to thank the Keva Staff and Team for the patience and endless support.
Debo Sree Roy
Siliguri, West Bengal

“Strength and growth comes only through continuous effort and struggle” Throughout my Keva career I never stopped a while to look back or passed time idly. Restlessness is life – this is my motto and firm resolution is to reach the summit of success as soon as possible. So I start working hard from the very first day of the month because I know important things should be done before they become urgent. I think this motto I follow played an important role behind my success. I have managed to become successful networker within just 2 yrs and 4 months. I heartily thank my upline because he showed me the path of success. My team member’s hard work strengthens the root of my business. Above all, I am indebted to Mr. Karan Goel for gifting such a platform to pure homemakers like me.
Nisha Sharma
Bathinda, Punjab

We are grateful to God for bringing Keva Industries in our lives. We are also grateful to our Keva Team up lines and down lines. We also thank Mr. Karan Goel for giving us this wonderful opportunity and empowering us for changing so many lives as well as touching so many hearts. Because Keva Industries is one and only Indian company which have given chance to everyone to fulfill their dreams easily and quickly with its wonderful Plans. I am from a poor background, but now I feel very happy for all my achievements and recognitions. I worked as an auto driver for 16 years but there was no change in my life. One day I encountered this opportunity with Keva Industries and started this business. My lifestyle has now completely changed. I have achieved a car, foreign trip, awards, recognition and earning Rs.1 lakh/month. Thanks to Keva Industries for their support.
Rajesh Birju
Kolkata, West Bengal

We faced a painful life with a lot of hurdles difficulties and had a financial crisis that made me to concentrate only on the problems. We finally understood that by just changing our attitude, life is going to change. Then we started focusing only on the solutions that were available. We also got a secret that speed and power is the mantra for great success. Immediately we adapted the same within our team and achieved wonderful levels. The secret behind this success is strong mindset and teamwork, thanks to my power team and my up lines. I was working in a company from 20yrs but no changes in my life. But when I entered into this wonderful business, my lifestyle is totally changed from business and excellent plans and getting more income now. Thanks to all my uplines and downlines.
Anvar Badshah
Patna, Bihar

I bought a health product from Keva called Keva Ancient Mineral Drops. It is so effective that it motivated me to start Keva business. I take this product for my old age father, who was suffering from Joint pain from last many years. He is a Retired Army official and gets all his medicines free of cost. I bought this product to activate my ID. This product has brought changes in my father’s life, now he is much better than before. In just one month there is a noticeable difference. There is no pain and he can now walk easily. I thought that there are a lot of people who are suffering from many types of body pains and if I recommend this product to them, they also can get relief from their pains and I can achieve my dream by helping them. Along with this thought I started my Keva journey. Dear Friends, this is still the beginning of this wonderful Keva Business in my life. I am constantly making changes in my lifestyle, in my learning process by trying to avoid excuses and also to become a good planner. I am thankful to my great up line who gave me this vehicle, to achieve my dreams. I pray to God that he gives everyone an uplines like these two dynamic personalities.
Gautam Prakash Sharma
Raipur, Chattisgarh

We have had a lot of good and bad experiences with direct selling before joining Keva. I was busy with my job in a private sector bank and decided not to join any direct selling company. We were not even interested to take up any business, when our sponsor Mr. Dev and upline Mrs. Ragini Paul came to us. But when we saw Keva’s profile, it’s wonderful plans and world class products, we decided to start the business and in the first week itself we achieved some success. This plan is working like a rocket and we are now ready to achieve higher titles in the coming months. All the things which we only heard about are now coming true with Keva Industries. We are thankful to our uplines, team and company management for their excellent support in helping us build our business. We have never experienced such wonderful support and rewarding promotions before in this industry.
Arun Chattora
Ranchi, Jharkhand

Prior to joining Keva, I was a lecturer and my wife is a home maker. I came into Keva business through my friend and I really get impressed with the concept of financial freedom, security and time. We believe hard work is like staircase and luck is like lift, lift may sometimes fail but staircase always takes you to the top. Thanks to Keva for presenting me a memorable gift with six figure income on my birthday, which will be unforgettable forever. 2015 is more exciting for me in my Keva career because I have achieved 4 foreign trips to Shanghai, Thailand, Malaysia and Dubai/Abu Dhabi.
Abhinav and Debina Roy
Panaji, Goa

ss I am always on a lookout for an opportunity through which I can fulfill my dreams. After a close look at Keva Networking system, I realized there is time freedom and financial freedom in this business. With the help of company’s training programs and world class products I started building my business and realized that with a little bit of hard work anyone can achieve his/her dreams. I am grateful to god for all my achievements and thank the company and all my team leaders for their help and support.
Anvar Singla
Senapati, Manipur

I am very excited and pleased to be a Keva member. Networking is my passion and Keva offers a fabulous platform for that. The inherent strength of the business lies in its products with top class quality and versatile range, an attractive marketing plan and to top them all a wonderful Keva Team under the leadership of our CEO, Dr. Karan Goel. I am thankful to my upline for their support and guidance. I also take this opportunity to thank all the people I am working with or have come across Keva. I sincerely believe that this achievement is only a beginning and I am sure to achieve newer heights in my journey forward.
Arun Kumar Takender
Namchi, Meghalaya

I am very much excited to share our journey of Keva Industries. My husband gifted me a wonderful future in the form of Keva, on 11 Oct 2011 on the occasion of his birthday. He was a professional photographer and associated with a leading newspaper as a photo- journalist. Purpose of joining Keva and building this business was bigger income and better lifestyle. Quality of Keva products motivated me to become active by doing product demonstration.
Pratik and Purnima Soni
Dhanbad, Jharkhand

I am house wife. My husband is working in Indian Railways. I am doing this business as part time. Today I am very happy and earning a handsome income and looking forward for next level. My Hard work, strong belief, enthusiasm, motivation with the support from my upline Mr. Raghu Bajaj helped me to achieve this level. Thanks to one and all, my upline, downline and Keva Staff.
Yogyata Vaidhya
Deopuri, Chattisgarh

I was an Industrialist and had established my own business, but failed. I was looking for an opportunity to make money, at that time I was introduced to Keva Industries in 2009. Initially the business seemed ordinary, but when I started putting more efforts I started seeing frequent results. I enjoyed foreign trips. But this was small success with which I was not happy. I diverted too many other businesses and in 2012 I started concentrating on my Keva business once again with full focus. I am astonished that this is the greatest wealth building business concept in this world and it is a life time opportunity for everyone which is going to change everybody’s life through financial freedom.
Manish Arya
Gaya, Bihar

I am working as a Principal with a play school since past 13 years. I joined Keva Industries business for their good health products. Now Keva has become my Life, without it I can't even think of breathing. Now I want to have much bigger dreams, because Keva Industries is a dream making machine where you just enter your code of dream and cash can be withdrawn from Keva ATM.
Fatima Mishra
Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

‘When I tell others about our success with Keva, they say it’s too good to be true,” I can’t hide my smile and affirm, “Yes it’s too good and it’s too true.’ Though, I am nervous looking at the magnitude of the infinite opportunity that stares in our face today. Constant growth of our leaders and getting bigger and bigger cheque every month for last 7 years have given us the confidence to dream anything and everything for ourselves and our people. From a cheque of Rs.167 to a cheque of 2 lakhs per month is not a joke. It’s my sheer luck that I joined Keva Industries but it was our wisdom which made us stick to this opportunity. I thank my up line, my in-laws for gifting us Keva Industries and thank my parents for teaching me importance of persistency and consistency. I would like to Thank Dr. Karan Goel for giving us most established, most rewarding, safest and fastest growing business opportunity.
Rohan and Sangeeta
Faridabad, Haryana

I and my husband are doing jobs and earning a good income. But we had no free time for our children. It was during this time that we were shown the Keva Industries opportunity. The great quality products of Keva Industries are affordable. One of the best products in the world and how to benefit was thought to us through training programs. We are thrilled that today we can afford to give our children the best which was nothing short of a compromise earlier. And we believe this is just the beginning. We are excited for what we will achieve in future for self and our team. Nothing was possible without the support of all our down line who at all times knew the importance of team work. We want to thank them for all their support. We are thankful to Dr. Karan Goel, Keva team and our up line team.
Anjali Bajaj
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

I belong to a small village called Palamu, Jharkhand from an Agricultural background. The village where I studied is far from any educational hub or civilization and my family was exploited by the rich. This led my parents to suffer from an inferiority complex. This made me firm in my decision to seek good education and lead a good life and completed my MBA and started working for an MNC. In job neither I had Financial Freedom nor Time freedom, I was working for somebody else’s dream. But soon I realized that this alone will not fulfill my ambition and wanted to become a Gazettes officer. I passed the Exam and in spite of paying Rs 3 Lakhs as bribe, I could not get a job. I thought that God had closed all doors but hoped that there will only be windows and a bigger door in waiting to be opened. When I joined Keva, there was lot of negativity, no family support and many such Schemes in the Market. At one point I felt like leaving Keva as the result was slow. But when I looked at my dreams, I could not afford to give up so easily and I realized struggle is there everywhere and inevitable. I did not want to struggle for livelihood but for success and fortune. And in this business, if you struggle, you will be successful. If you struggle in any other field only your family will be rich but in Keva if you struggle in Keva many families will be rich and Successful. My secret of success is I never made any excuses and I am totally committed to Keva. I am good at learning. I have a vision of producing Lacs of Entrepreneurs in team. I am grateful to top Management of Keva Industries. Many thanks to Mr. Karan Goel for gracing us with this wonderful opportunity!
Bhuvnesh Kumar
Palamu, Jharkhand

We were in furniture business at the time of joining Keva. The perfect blend of products, profits, payout and flexibility to adapt to the changes as per the demand of the industry impressed us to take this opportunity to grow more. Our decision played dividends immediately. We achieved satisfactory results within few days. All these achievements are due to wonderful Keva management and support of dynamic leadership. We both are now ready to get to the highest levels of Keva Industries to establish networking industry as a mainstream career in the country.
Arora and Singh Associates
Dwarka, Delhi

Before joining Keva I was working in a pharmacy store for 10 years. Through one of my relative I came to know about Keva Industries. I have now completed 5 yrs in Keva Industries. First 3yrs were a lot of struggle with no income. But with company's training, belief in products, system, company and vision, I started earning good income and building my team. Now I have even achieved a big bungalow as a reward from Keva Industries. I have gone for 5 foreign trips also. Keva has changed my life fully, gave better life style, money, fame & work satisfaction.
Pradeep Khanna
Dimapur, Nagaland

Before joining Keva Industries I was working as a sales man. That time my monthly salary was only Rs. 3000. At the same time I started this business as a part time. After 6 months I left that sales job and started full time job in Keva Industries. Now my monthly income is Rs. 85,000. I am so thankful to my upline, downline and Company.
Raj Chauhan
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

7 years back I learnt first big lesson of my life from my up lines Mr. Dayaram Mukherjee and Arun Chattora that you need to dream big to achieve big success. They helped me overcome my limitations as I belonged to a very orthodox Muslim family. I was educated only till the 12th standard. I am now a confident business entrepreneur. I followed my successful up lines and followed my dreams and goals. I started working for my dreams and universe started working for me. I got very good and loyal leaders. Today Keva Industries has realized my dream of seeing my children as Business entrepreneurs. This is the biggest success I could ever achieve. Thank you Mr. Karan Goel and my supportive upline!
Dhananjay Sinha
Vellore, Tamil Nadu

My name is Rama Kishan and I was born to a poor agricultural family at a small village Agroha, Uttar Pradesh. Early on in my life I experienced severe financial crisis, due to which I could not acquire proper education. Despite these financial limitations, I always tried to do well in studies as I saw it as a key to overcome the trying situations. I kept on struggling and I tried many ventures in various field for 17 years like being an instructor of at ITI, LIC agent to Private Tutor and many more, but it seemed to me that I was perennially running through financial crisis. I was frustrated. This is when I chanced upon this God sent opportunity of Keva. One of my friends shared this precious prospect with me. I grabbed this opportunity and despite numerous obstacles that came my way, I made my mark. Within last 5 years not only have I visited 7 different countries but could also share this happiness with my wife. She has accompanied me to Thailand trip also. I was able to marry off my sister decently, give my child higher education but also, very shortly I am going to own my dream home. All these could happen with my strong belief, dedication and hard-work. I thank Keva Industries, Dr. Karan Goel who have made such a platform for ordinary people to dream extraordinary and fulfill the same with pride.
Rama Kishan
Agroha, Uttar Pradesh