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Remarkable Minerals: Copper and Iron

Minerals are the spark plugs that the cells' ignition is dependent upon. Cell electricity and electromagnetism is born from the presence of the many minerals in the food that charges the body. If copper were gold we would be mining for it in the liver, muscles and bones where it is stored. Copper , however is a trace mineral and present in every cell of the human body.

Copper is absorbed quickly through the bloodstream after digestion of food. At least 50 % of copper is found in the bone system of the body. Rich deposits of copper are also found in the liver, kidneys, heart and brain. Copper is one of the main minerals for brain food along with the vitamin inositiol. Many digestive enzymes also have copper as main ingredients, The liver, small intestines, and pancreas rely on copper for proper function. The lungs need copper to protect them and jump start cellular respiration. Tyrosine the amino acid responsible skin and hair pigment is triggered by copper levels. The heart is also a fan of copper without it , the heart could not pump with such vigor. Excellent food sources of copper are nuts like almond, pistachios, and peanuts.

Sunflower and sesame seeds are also tasty foods and great for so many reasons including be high in copper. Green beans, dates, olives apples and pears are good sources but defintely less than the first mentioned. Iron, coppers twin brother, also cannot be absorbed unless the presence of copper is correct. Iron also needs B12, C, E, and Folic acid for complete absorbtion. Iron is the center of every cell in the body. Another way of putting is iron is the nucleus of every cell in the body. Blood is the home of iron. Red Blood Cells could not be formed without iron. The bone marrow houses iron until it is needed. Iron plus oxygen make for great oxygen transfer. Iron helps convert all undigested matter in the body to either waste or energy. For woman, during the menses it is important to take extra iron rich foods. A person who struggles with constipation and uses many popular teas, pills and potions exposes heror himself to loss of iron from the body. We are all aware of anemia as a result of loss of iron in the blood.

Dizziness, fainting, fatigue, breathlessness can also be caused by iron deficiency. If you love you Cafe lattes, espressos, frappes etcetera you are subjecting yourself to blocking iron absorption. The great BComplex is essential for HCL the gastric juice of the gut to be secreted. HCL dissolves the iron which is the main ingredient for oxygen for the body.

Are you taking an antacid? YOU dont have proper oxygen distribution for the body if you have been having trouble with hyperacidity.One imbalance creates another. The foods that are the best source of iron are raisins, pumpkin, sesame,seeds. Lentils, raisins, almonds, black strap molasses, millet, wheat and cashew. there is also iron in lesser amounts in brocoli, artichoke, garlic, mung bean, garlic, watercress, figs and dates. Knowing what you need and why is the first step to making conscious choices about your fuel sources.