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The Thesis of Body Mineral Balancing
Summary of Research by Farley Anderson, B.S.

Let me introduce you to a concept that is so old that it is considered to be one of the original "Health Foods," so simple that it can be understood by everyone yet such a wonder that we are only beginning to unlock many of its secrets. I call this concept the Thesis of Body Mineral Balancing. Simply stated, I believe that when the earth was created it was given a perfect balance of minerals. That balance of the soluble minerals is found in the fluids of the earth or the seas. This is the same basic balance of minerals we find in the fluids of the human body. I believe that when we get away from this balance, degenerative disease will begin to set in. I also believe that basic to the rejuvenating of good health is the restoration of mineral balance.

A few interesting facts about sea water: 84 of the earth's basic elements have been identified in sea water, 44 are considered to be the most common soluble minerals. Man is unable to make sea water from scratch. All the seas of the earth contain basically the same balance of minerals including Utah's Great Salt Lake. Most of the minerals found in sea water are found in such small quantities that they are called Trace Minerals. In human nutrition some of these Trace Minerals are so important that they are labeled "Necessary for Life." Others can be found in the human body but science has no yet determined what if anything these minerals do.

Parts per million does not mean almost nonexistent. For instance there is more gold in a ton of sea water than in a ton of good to average gold ore.

The more our soils are tilled and exposes to weather the faster the soluble minerals are leached out and sent on their way to the sea. If the minerals are not available in the sol they will not be found in the plants.

The mineral content in plants can vary as much as 200% (1,000% in specific minerals).

General functions performed by soluble minerals.
Following is How Some People Have Used The Earth's Soluble Minerals
Much of this information is not based on scientific data or testing, but on personal experience of various individuals.
General Health Personally, I feel the difference when I supplement with these minerals. My energy level is higher and my mental alertness is more keen. Some people report feeling a spark of energy immediately upon taking these minerals. An excellent addition or any nutritional program.


Dr. George W. Crane M.D., writes often in his newspaper column of almost miraculous results with all types of arthritis in many individuals. Results can be felt often in as little as one week and within three months.


any reports of synergistic effects, combining nutrients from plants with nutrients from the sea.

Nutritional Support Programs

for eyes, heart and circulation have been greatly enhanced when combined with balanced nutrients from the sea, report many users.

Immune Therapy

Dr. Virginia Livingston, M.D. reports that soluble minerals are invaluable in conjunction with their immune therapy program.

Food Allergies

One medical doctor reports dramatic results with diet returning to normal after balancing of minerals with concentrated sea water.

High Blood Pressure

NOTE: Any person with high blood pressure should be under the care of a physician and follow his advice.


Many reports of increased energy during dieting, some with a decrease in a craving for food. As a teenager, these minerals were an invaluable aid for me in going from fat to fit, with a drastic lift in my energy level.

Replace Lost Minerals

in Distilled Water

Bone Spurs

Reports to the effect that they have disappeared in as little as one month.


Good reports in many individuals, particularly in hair sheen and luster. Some reports of hair and scalp returning to a more youthful condition.


Animals as well as humans need mineral nutrients. Often the results are very dramatic in animals vigor, coat, and performance. Excellent reports on dogs, cats, chickens, race horses, chinchillas, etc.

Magnesium Supplement

Sea minerals are one of the highest quality and least expensive sources of this important nutrient. hardening and Strengthening Bones and Teeth Good reports and personal experience of strengthening body frame, reduction in cavities and tightening of teeth in jaw.


Many reports of feeling more youthful, vibrant, and a reversal of age related symptoms.

Following are reports from clinics who have used the sodium removed concentrate from the Great Salt Lake:

We have found the Trace Minerals to be very effective in a wide range of stress and pollution related diseases. They are also very effective in stabilizing spinal problems, especially low back conditions.

From Scandinavia we have had favorable reports about their effect on osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. This had also been the experience of this clinic.

In short we consider the liquid Trace minerals to be by far one of the most effective single food supplements on the market. This is an assessment based on fourteen years of work with the liquid Trace Minerals.

Dr. Carl H. Jestrup, D.C.

Mental stability, thought process and reaction to stressful situations appear to be greatly dependent on a proper trace mineral balance in the human body.; vitamins appear to function better if proper elements are present for them to work with.

The trace mineral concentrate to us is worth it's weight i gold. It has done nothing except improve a bad problem we did not know what else to do for. The trace mineral concentrate appears to be the only active mineral supplement we have found .

In the research I have conducted as a doctor of Chiropractic and my knowledge gained over the years, I have found that race minerals are very important in every chemical reaction which takes place in the human body. They either take active part in the reaction or act as a catalyst to a reaction. When the body becomes depleted in minerals, these reactions also slow down and allow a disease process to take over destroying the physical structure.

R. Schiffer, D.C.

We cannot ignore [these] minerals assimilative abilities to prevent against such mineral-related applications as osteoporosis, muscle problems, and glandular disorders such as seen in clinical practice, These minerals should always be used in preventative health programs for all individuals.

Dr. Skip Shoden





Ancient Sea Deposit Minerals

Good for adding complete Spectrum Trace Minerals to the soil. Abundant and low cost.

The tableted form from clays, ground rocks or petrified vegetation can be very difficult for many people to digest and assimilate. Liquids made from these deposits tend to be very expensive. Usually high in Aluminum and Sulphur. May upset body's PH balance.

Sea Water

Abundantly available. Perfected by nature. To assure purity obtain from at least 30 miles out, away from population centers at lowest possible depth.

Relatively high cost per day for commercially available product. High Sodium.

Great Salt Lake Water

6 to 1 0 times the concentration of sea water with the same mineral balance. Much lower cost for commercially available product. Bacteria free. Can be used as a seasoning. Water obtained from lower depths of the north end of the lake is extremely pure and more concentrated. No major f resh water f lows into this part of the lake which is isolated by barren desert and a railroad land fill. University studies show it takes over 1 00 years for surface water to concentrate and sink to the lower depths of the lake.

High Sodium. More difficult to obtain because it is remote from most population centers.

Sodium removed concentrate from Great Salt Lake

Highly concentrated (over 50 times the concentration of sea water in minerals and balance except Sodium and some Potassium which are precipitated out.)Lowest cost. OK for Sodium restricted diets. Bacteria free. Easy to add to food and drink. Good for people who have difficulty with tablets.

Must be diluted to use. Only obtainable by purchase.

Tablets made by absorbing liquid Sodium removed concentrate fro the Great Salt Lake into Alfalfa & Kelp powder

Easy to remember and use with other supplements. Added nutrition of Alfalfa and Kelp. This tablet breaks down very rapidly for digestion and assimilation.

Slightly higher cost than liquid concentrate. Some people have difficulty swallowing tablets.