Business Plan


A. Compensation Plan

Keva business gives you equal income opportunities to both old as well as new distributors.

The system allows you to sell products and make commissions purely on sale of products. You can sell products to people from your friends, family, or business associates. Commissions are based on total sales made in a period. The commissions are sent to your given bank account on a periodic basis. The commission structure is such that it allocates points to you on the total sales made and then based on points you are paid commissions. It is a simple system and fully transparent.

100 PV = Rs 500 as commissions in our plan. Achievement of 50 PV volume will accrue Rs 500 for you in income.

You are also given the added advantage of taking your points further to next payment period to add to the commissions payable in the next period of payment. Each distributor is required to sell directly to atleast 1 set of people so that the interest and roll over of the products is always the focus of the distributor and rewards of commission are based on sales directly and through the team of people.


1.     TDS as per the Income Tax Act & Company handling charge will be applicable.