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Product Description

Keva Toothbrush

Keva Toothbrush

(Set of 2 Pcs)

MRP: Rs. 59

Company has introduced Keva Toothbrush with high quality nylon Filaments with rounded ends help to protect tooth enamel and gums. This has double action bristles in professionally crafted shape which clean teeth surfaces and massage gumssimultanously.Keva Toothbrush is the product that is used to make the tooth clean by using this brush. It helps to remove those particles which are stick to the tooth and also helps to remove the bad odor from the mouth because this brush tends to hold the toothpaste onto the tip of the brush. The shape of this product is very fine according to the use. The bristles present on the head of the brush are linear and very smooth. The head is specially shaped to provide comfort to the used person. The neck is very flexible and designed according to the comfort. Comfort rubber is used for the better, safe, and stable grip. It is proper in size and can behold by the children as well as adults also and not shows any problem during the use. To get the better result use it two times a day properly.  

Comes with comfort rubber injected grip for safe & stable brushing

It has specially shaped head provides comfortable and easy access to rear teeth for effective brushing

Elastic rubber Neck ideally designed for better control and absorb excessive pressure brushing


For best results:

·         Brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal

·         Avoid eating sugary foods beetween meals

·         Floss regularly


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