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Keva Nail Polish

MRP: Rs. 59/-

Pack Size: 12ml

Discover your style with Keva Nail Polish in colour cosmetic segment.  You can use Keva Nail Polish to flaunt your nails which possess quick drying property and comes with great look.

Have a smooth and even application for better. With this product Keva has taken one step forward in colour cosmetic range for women who are fond of colours and obsessed with style.

·         Good Staying power

·         Classic shades

·         Color lock technology

This comes in attractive glass bottle with shiny metallic cap. For better shades you can apply double coat.

Available in 17 attractive shades referred below:

  1. Blood Red (Matt)
  2.  Hot pink
  3. Coral Orange
  4.  Purple
  5.  Metallic Gold
  6. Light pink
  7. Silver Gold
  8. Transparent coat
  9. Red 
  10. Copper Red
  11. Copper Gold
  12. Rani Red
  13. Gold Bronze
  14. Antique Copper
  15. Mauve 
  16. Cool Blue
  17. Cobalt Blue