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Keva Sandal Room Freshner

MRP: Rs. 299/-

Packing : 200ml

Specially formulated this product is a mixture of essential oils of Sandal & floral essence, brings you a brand new way to spark joy into your home. Infused with an aromatic blend of essential floral oils boasting of therapeutic and relaxing properties. Keva Room Freshener can quickly spreads through the air and works its magic.

With impressive range of Healthcare, Wellness, home and personal care products company, Company has recently announced the launch of its Room freshener. The product will be available in Sandal fragrances. With its pleasant smell, the whole area gives refreshing & soothing feeling. Besides, relieves from stress and tension. This is perfect idea for home, offices, cars and other areas  spaces.

They are significantly known to posses pleasant relaxing properties, leave the area scented for hours and can uplift your mood with fragrances appealing to your senses.

The room freshener is 100 % water based with no added chemicals/alcohol. This room freshener can rejuvenate the atmosphere of the room and will leave no unpleasant chemical odor. Spray it in the centre of your room so that the fragrance spreads throughout the room. Cover it with its cap after using it.

Comes attractive handheld Spray Bottle packing in monocarton.