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:: Monday, 8th June, 2015 - Keva Industries Launches - Herbal Hand Wash & Herbal Body Wash

Keva Industries Launches - Herbal Hand Wash & Herbal Body Wash

Keva Industries leading player in Healthcare and Personal Care products with strong presence in the healthcare herbal products, expands its presence in the personal care industry with the launch of ‘Herbal Handwash & Body Wash’.

The products are based on special formula with glycerin that provide the double benefit of daily protection from germs and moisturizing properties. Hand wash contains great antibacterial and antifungal agent which helps guard against germs. Glycerin works as a cooling re-hydrant that helps moisturize the skin giving the hands, a soft and supple feel. It also has a subtle fresh fragrance that lingers on even post the hand wash same with Body Wash. Herbal Body Wash is specially designed for Dehydrated dry skin & ideal for both men & women.

Commenting on the launch Dr. Karan Goel -CEO, Keva Industries said, “We aim to expand our presence in the personal care industry by diversifying into new personal wash & hygiene categories.  The launch of the these two products is our move in this direction.” He further added, "Keva handwash can be  used for every household to keep illness causing germs at bay & effectively provides daily protection from germs while daily use of Herbal Body Wash give soft and moisturized body skin.”

Hand Wash & Body Shower are available in 200 ml attractive Bottle has been introduced with exciting consumer offers to promote the healthy body care habits.