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:: 25th August 2015, Tuesday - Launch of Keva Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Launch of Keva Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Keva Industries has delightedly shared the newly launched product of Keva Industries in recently added Keva Energy Products category i.e., Keva Bio Magnetic Bracelet. This product is embedded with high quality bracelet in such a way so that can maintain regular energy flow in the body as well as balance it this is single line bracelet.

Keva Bio Magnetic Bracelet has been recently introduced by Keva Industries specially based on functional application of magnets to the body to stimulate various nerves and create a better flow of blood into various parts of the body. this product is embedded with high quality bracelet in such a way so that can maintain regular energy flow in the body as well as balance it.

Bio magnetic bracelet works on magnetic therapy helps the organs and glands to function properly in a better way. Moreover, magnets are also considered as a natural way of stimulating body to fighting pain.

At the launch program, Dr. Karan Goel told the distributors - “As per studies this is more effective than any other  type of embedding specially in all type of pains, blood circulation & Stress related symptoms. With this product we offer energy of world’s best quality product with very powerful and expensive rare earth natural Neodymium bio magnet which is generally known as King of Magnets, Far Infrared red Titanium, gold and silver plated finish as per international norms”.

In this product the magnets are made up of three metals: Boron, Ferrite and Neodymium. Neodymium is a Rare Earth Metal and Expensive too. Bio magnetic therapy bracelets comes with gauss power 3000 gauss power.

These magnets are widely used to solve many health problems related to diabetes, blood pressure problems, pains in human body. Most of the problems in the human body are due to the abnormal flow of blood through the human body. This product corrects the flow of energy & maintain the balance to give overall wellness.